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March 2017 Archives

4th Circuit Significantly Expands Joint Employer Liability Under FLSA With Broad New Test

The old relationships between employer and employee have been modified with virtually no hope of going back to the old ways. In many industries there is no longer a life-long relationship, nor is there even a "one-to-one" relationship. Frequently an employee has multiple part time relationships with multiple employers. This new structure has had a positive impact for both employer and employee where employers can more specifically structure their work force to meet precise demands, and employees can organize their lives to meet their own requirements.

SCOTUS reverses decision to review transgender bathroom case

In today's world, the everyday business person must negotiate a variety of social issues in a manner that does not negatively impact on the operation of their business or their sales, either through the boycotting of their business or actual demonstrations on their premises. Today, transgender issues, among others, are foremost among the issues that each business may address.

OSHA Releases More Pliable Fall Protection Standards

The U.S. Department of Labor's Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) issued a new ruling to help prevent falling accidents on the job. Under the new rule on Walking-Working and Personal Fall Protection Systems, effective January 17, 2017, employers are required to implement systems for personal fall protection that best suits their individual needs. According to OSHA, the new ruling will prevent 29 deaths and over 5,842 injuries per year and will protect an estimated 112 million employees.

DOL Fiduciary Rule Delay

The new fiduciary rule that was supposed to go into effect in April 2017 is the subject of a proposed delay and potential reversal that has much of the financial-advising industry in limbo. The Trump administration wants the Department of Labor to delay implementation of the rule for further analysis, but advocates say delaying or reversing the rule would harm investors who want to avoid unnecessarily high fees.

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