A Business-Minded Approach To Employment Law

Qualified General Counsel For Your Business

Many small and midsized companies, and in some instances, large companies, conduct their businesses without the benefit of an in-house attorney to guide them through today’s business and legal maze. Frequently, these companies have to depend on engaging attorneys at large firms (and at large fees) to seek advice, but often forgo doing so because of the high costs. In many cases, companies depend on a human resources (HR) employee to provide employment guidance without the benefit of a lawyer to assist the HR professional in making critical legal decisions that often have significant ramifications, both legal and business.

Through its outside general counsel services, Danz Law helps South Florida companies fill these voids, and it does so based on a cost-efficient and productive business model. In many circumstances, the outside general counsel services at Danz Law are provided on a flat-fee basis so that a company’s human resources personnel or the company’s management can seek legal and business counseling without worrying about the clock and time being billed by their attorney.

How To Contact Our Law Firm

To see if outside general counsel of Danz Law makes sense for your company, please contact our Davie office by calling 954-406-7535.