A Business-Minded Approach To Employment Law

Resolving Employer-Employee Disputes In A More Practical And Predictable Way

At Danz Law, PLLC, we are strong trial lawyers as well as strong believers in the value of mediation. There is a time and place for litigation, but so often mediating makes better business sense than going to court.

Alan Danz has practiced chiefly in employment and labor law for 30 years, with countless courtroom victories on behalf of employers. But he is also a Florida Supreme Court-certified civil mediator who considers successful mediations as a win for the parties involved. From the employer standpoint, mediation is an effective risk management and cost control tool. We welcome inquiries from employers, executives, employees and other attorneys who want to explore our mediator services.

Mediation In Employment Law

Mediation is applicable to many conflicts in the employer-employee dynamic, including:

  • Wage and hour disputes over unpaid overtime and minimum wage
  • Severance negotiations for executives or key employees
  • Claims of sexual harassment or hostile working environment
  • Claims of employment discrimination
  • Wrongful termination or whistleblower retaliation
  • Disability accommodations under ADA
  • Enforcement or violations of noncompete, nonsolicitation, nondisclosure and employment agreements

Why Is Mediation So Valuable?

Mediation is the last opportunity for you to make a decision about your case. If it goes to trial you are putting your case in the hands of a judge or six jurors. The mediation timetable is typically much shorter; you are not at the mercy of a court docket. It is typically much less expensive that litigating, and avoids the possibility of a large award to the employee if the judge or jury finds in their favor. Mediation is more predictable because you have a direct say in the outcome. It also takes much of the animosity and gamesmanship out of the process — both parties are trying to find a middle ground they can live with.

A Litigator’s Insights

Even when mediation is required, some people participate only grudgingly. Alan Danz helps parties take full advantage of the opportunity. As a veteran trial lawyer, he can foresee how the case would likely progress in contested court proceedings. That insight has made him a better problem solver and neutral facilitator who can steer the parties in a more productive “win-win” direction.

Explore Mediation Of Your Employment Dispute

We invite you discuss your situation, whether an employee has already filed a grievance or lawsuit or you believe that mediation could help to avoid a lawsuit or public spectacle. Danz Law, PLLC offers mediation services in Broward, Miami-Dade and Palm Beach counties. Call our Davie office at 954-406-7535 to arrange a consultation or use our online form to give us a few details and we will be in touch soon.