Sexual Harassment Training Is A Must In Today’s Workplace

Alan Danz has provided top-tier sexual harassment and related training to businesses throughout the Unites States for over 25 years. Sexual harassment training is required in many states, and many others are expected to require it soon.

If your goal is to ensure that your policies on prohibiting, reporting and investigating sexual harassment and discrimination are followed by all employees, having an employee handbook is simply not sufficient without also providing training. Today’s news is filled with claims of alleged sexual harassment and filing of lawsuits. This trend will continue. Training is essential to reduce these incidents in the workplace and to building a culture of respect between and among all employees. By doing so, sexual harassment and discrimination issues will decrease and your employees will become more productive. You will also reduce your liability and risk in connection with potential lawsuits-a “win-win” for everyone.

Mr. Danz not only provides interactive and engaging training to both managers and staff to educate them on your policies, but does so in a manner that fosters a better and winning culture for your workplace. And while sexual harassment is the focal point of the training, Mr. Danz also focuses on all actionable harassment (i.e., race, age, disability, national origin, etc.), as well as actionable discrimination based on protected classifications as defined by federal, state and local laws.

For more information on sexual harassment training, please contact Mr. Danz at Danz Law at his South Florida offices. He can be reached at [email protected] or 954-406-7535 or toll-free at 866-640-1080.