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Danz Law, PLLC is a trusted resource to Florida employers, business executives and high net worth individuals. We deliver comprehensive consulting and training to employers, defense representation in litigation, and mediator services in labor and employment law to resolve employee conflicts and keep clients out of legal trouble.

A Business Mindset
For Employment Matters

Attorney Alan Danz draws on 30 years of practice in labor and employment law and a background in the health care industry to provide dependable counsel for all facets of the employer-employee dynamic. More than mere advisors, we are risk managers, business consultants and advocates for companies that need things done right. We understand the challenges of operating and growing your enterprise while protecting your business interests.

“I’m a better litigator now because I’ve mediated so many cases, and I’m a much better mediator because of my vast experience in litigation, especially employment disputes.”

— Alan Danz

Attorney Alan D. Danz

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The right solution starts with the right approach. The right approach comes from experience.

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Win-Win Solutions
Through Mediation

Mr. Danz is both a veteran trial lawyer and a Florida Supreme Court-certified civil mediator. With his courtroom experience and real-world business savvy, he is uniquely qualified to help employers and employees take advantage of mediation to resolve high-stakes disputes out of court in a more cost-effective and predictable manner.

Having litigated these issues for three decades, Alan can anticipate the sticking points and predict the likely result if the case were decided by a judge or jury. He uses those insights as a litigator and negotiator to guide the parties toward practical, creative and timely resolutions.

When High-Earning Individuals
Become Employers

You never thought you’d have your own staff or “entourage.” But as you found personal success, support staff became a necessity. A driver, a chef. Housekeepers, groundskeepers. A personal assistant or bodyguard. And with it came employment law headaches … perhaps even lawsuits.

Danz Law, PLLC counsels high net worth clients in Florida and nationwide in all facets of employment law: contracts and compensation, nondisclosure agreements (NDAs), defense against harassment claims and more. We can help you manage your employer obligations and protect your interests.

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