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February 2017 Archives

When is an Employer Free to Deny an Employee's Request For a Leave as an ADA Accommodation?

Providing disability-related leave for an employee is something that employers need to be very careful about. If the leave does not cause undue hardship for the employer, then the Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA) states that you generally have to grant the leave; however, not for an unlimited period of time. If you do not grant the leave even though it would not cause undue hardship, you could be sued.

Misclassification of Employees by Employers in Florida

The misclassification of employees as independent contractors only leads to confusion, potential abuse, and possible delays in benefits. These classifications exist to help employers, workers, and the state better understand exactly what the workers are doing and what benefits they may be eligible for should something happen to their work with a particular company. Misclassification is often the result of a mistake that, while annoying at the time, can be fixed rather easily. However, misclassification has been used to defraud workers and state government. The U.S. Department of Labor's Wage and Hour Division is now cracking down on misclassification. It's crucial that both employers and workers know who qualifies as what.

The Actual Workplace Implications of the President's Immigration Executive Order

President Trump is known for being controversial and his latest executive order is one of most controversial acts as of yet. Signed on January 27, the executive order is titled "Protecting the Nation from Terrorist Entry into the United States by Foreign Nations" and is focused on immigration issues. The order immediately suspended the entrance of individuals from seven countries: Iran, Libya, Yemen, Iraq, Sudan, Somalia, and Syria, including entry of new refugees. This order has some major implications for businesses as even individuals with pre-approved work Visas are affected by the order.

The Employer's Responsibility in the Continuation of Health Coverage

The Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act (COBRA) provided workers who left jobs with an option to continue in their group health plans. While expensive, these plans usually offered excellent, comprehensive coverage that enabled people to continue with treatments even after they stopped working. While there are requirements that workers need to meet to be eligible for COBRA, employers must ensure that they have provided employees with the right type of plan.

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