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January 2015 Archives

Failure to Pay Overtime Could Lead to Employment Dispute

Employers in Florida are expected to clearly establish wage guidelines for all employees and pay workers in a timely manner. They are also expected to define whether an employee is exempt or nonexempt, which is a status based on a worker's job duties, pay and whether he or she is paid a salary.

New Hire Paperwork: Ensuring Compliance and Consistency

Employers regardless of their size or industry are all required to provide new employees (part-time, full-time, seasonal or otherwise) with New Hire Paperwork that complies with state and federal laws. Aside from the typical tax forms prepared to bring a new employee on board, employers are required to keep themselves educated in new filing requirements, updated forms, and deadlines in completing and submitting New Hire Paperwork. Below is a list of some of the important documents that all employers are required to complete during that New Hire process:

Legal protections in place for whistleblowers

In a previous blog post, we discussed the fact that most Florida workers are at-will employees. This means that an employment relationship can generally be terminated at any time and for any or no reason. However, in that post, which can be read here, we also make it clear that there are protections in place to prohibit wrongful termination. 

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