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July 2015 Archives

What to Expect If You Are Heading Into Mediation

Resolving employment disputes can be enormously frustrating and complicated for people on both sides of an argument. In many cases, employers and employees alike want to resolve the dispute in a fair way and move forward as opposed to dragging out the case and bringing it to court.  It may also be the last opportunity for the parties to have control over their outcome, rather than a judge or jury deciding their fate.

Miami-Dade Employers (And Others): It's Time to Update Your Handbooks and Personnel Policies.

Given the recent current events both in real life and dramatized in new television dramas, the topic of Gender Identity and Gender Expression has certainly become a trending and hot topic. For Miami-Dade County employers, you should pay closer attention as the City's Ordinance on Human Rights Laws have been amended to include and prohibit discrimination based on gender identity and gender expression (and which already prohibits discrimination based on sexual orientation) in the employment sector as of December 2, 2014.

Pregnant women: know your rights on the job

Being pregnant can be an extremely exciting, stressful and uncomfortable time in a woman's life. On top of all the joy and anticipation that comes with pregnancy, there are also huge responsibilities to consider. Parents-to-be are typically focused on keeping an unborn baby healthy, saving money and making sure a home is ready for a growing family.

Employees protected against genetic discrimination

Laws regarding discrimination have been in place for decades and most employees and employers across Florida should be familiar with them. Generally speaking, people should understand that they are protected from being mistreated on the job because of their age, gender, religion or disability.

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