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What are the benefits of a progressive discipline policy?

On Behalf of | Jan 12, 2024 | Employment Law |

For whatever reason, disciplining employees can be challenging, especially if circumstances complicate the situation. These scenarios are often prone to disputes and legal issues, potentially impacting the workplace and its policies. Organizations can mitigate these effects using a well-structured approach for implementing disciplinary actions, such as a progressive discipline policy.

This type of discipline involves having management take multiple subsequent steps to address poor employee performance and violations before using more severe sanctions. This policy allows leaders to provide employees numerous chances to improve or correct their behavior in proportion to the issue. This type of policy can also yield benefits, including the following:

  • It gives employees more space to understand expectations and meet them.
  • It promotes open communication between employees and their supervisors or managers, serving as a foundation for more feedback-giving interactions in the future.
  • It allows employees to take responsibility for their productivity and actions, potentially fostering self-awareness and motivation to do better.

However, implementing progressive discipline may only be appropriate based on the violation committed by the employee. Some offenses can be too severe for verbal or written warnings, warranting immediate suspension or termination based on the situation. Fortunately, a policy can also include these instances and determine appropriate ways to approach severe violations fairly.

Creating effective policies that work

These guidelines should always comply with the relevant state and federal employment laws, regardless of the policy type. Sometimes, employers can find it helpful to seek legal counsel before adopting these practices. Making policies that align with these laws can ensure the company’s disciplinary approach is effective and fair.