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What to know about disputes and litigation

On Behalf of | Jul 26, 2022 | Employment Law |

If your Florida company stays in business long enough, it will likely be accused of a contract violation or some other type of civil impropriety. It’s also possible that your company will be accused of money laundering, sexual harassment or other serious crimes that will require your immediate attention.

Disputes may be resolved without litigation

A dispute over the terms of a contract may be resolved with the help of a mediator or by going to arbitration. There is also a chance that a friendly conversation will be enough to determine why a misunderstanding occurred and how to resolve it before it is allowed to escalate even further. For instance, you may realize that you read a delivery date wrong or that neither side realized that the signed contract was missing punctuation that could be quickly inserted back into the document.

What happens if a case goes to trial?

Before commercial litigation can occur, a judge may ask that the parties to the matter engage in at least one round of settlement talks. The judge in the case may also review any motion to dismiss the matter before a trial begins. If the matter is allowed to proceed, a court date will be scheduled at which you can present evidence to verify your claim against the other side. You are allowed to continue to negotiate outside of court until a judge makes its ruling.

Even if you believe that your company has done nothing wrong, it’s important to take all allegations of poor behavior seriously. Doing so may make it easier to resolve the matter outside of court or make it easier to create a defense that results in a favorable outcome at trial.