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What Business Owners Should Look For in a Lawyer

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Every successful business should hire a good lawyer to reduce their exposure to employment or other types of lawsuits. Hiring a business lawyer helps your business with legal matters for both federal and state employment laws. Having a good lawyer working with your business before you encounter a lawsuit is going to save you from countless headaches down the road.

Owning a business entails a lot of anxious and excited emotions and the hope that the business will run smoothly and become a success. Unfortunately, some uncertainties and issues can occur where you will require an attorney. Having a good business lawyer provides you with peace of mind and adds value to your business. These are tips to help you understand why you need a business lawyer to protect your business and your future.

1. Determine Why Your Business Needs a Lawyer

The best time for you to consider hiring a business lawyer is before a legal matter occurs. These are some of the common reasons a small business or startup should consider retaining the services of a business lawyer:

  • Drafting agreements
    • If there are partners within your business structure, you should have an attorney outline each partner’s responsibilities and rights. This outline will prevent future disagreements.
  • Employment issues
    • As your business grows, your employee numbers will also grow. A business lawyer can help you understand labor law compliance and be ready should you face a wrongful termination lawsuit.
  • Review contracts
    • When a business grows, it often begins dealing with contracts from other companies. A business lawyer will help you negotiate favorable contracts for your business structure and make sure you understand all the fine print.
  • Raising money
    • If your business enters into raising venture capital and you decide to sell equity to investors, you’ll want a business lawyer to help create term sheets and navigate securities laws.

These issues and others can occur to affect the growth and success of your business, and having a business lawyer will reduce or prevent the negative impact they will have on your business.

2. Choosing the Right Business Structure

It is crucial you choose the right business structure so there are no unnecessary legal issues down the road. As a small business owner, you will be exposed to more liability than those of a C or S corporation or LLC corporation. Having a business lawyer assess your business will provide help in understanding tax obligations, any liabilities you could encounter, advice on what to expect in setup costs, and other business management issues so you choose the right business structure.

3. Real Estate Agreements and Leases

Unless you are running your business from your home, you will be involved in setting up a shop in a commercial building. You may be looking at leasing or purchasing space, and you will want a business lawyer to review your agreement, terms, and all other contract requirements.

4. Protection for Intellectual Property

Your intellectual property can include any of your original works, trade secrets, inventions, logos, services, product designs, and more. It will be vital to your success to protect these properties so you remain competitive and distinctive. A business lawyer will help you protect this intellectual property by preserving your legal rights to them.

Having a good business lawyer is going to provide you with vital assistance in every aspect of your business. They will be there during the basic zoning compliance, provide trademark advice, and prevent or reduce your risk of liabilities and lawsuits.

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