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Discrimination claims continue to plague tech companies

On Behalf of | Mar 27, 2015 | Employment Disputes |

No business is immune to potential employment disputes. Complications and arguments can arise in any professional relationship, and they can significantly impact a company’s reputation and an employee’s life. There is typically a lot at stake when an employer and employee are in conflict, especially when the disputes are made public.

Not only can these conflicts directly affect the employee and the employer, they can also shed some light on troubling trends across industries that may have previously gone unnoticed or unreported.

For instance, readers of this blog may be aware of the recent swell of discrimination claims being filed against Silicon Valley tech companies. Multiple complaints have been made involving discrimination against women in the industry. Most recently, a claim filed against Twitter argued that the company had an unfair process of promoting male workers, and when a woman complained about it, she felt as if her job and her career were put in jeopardy.

Unfortunately, there have been several similar claims made in recent months and people are increasingly concerned with sexism in tech and social media companies. However, sexism and discrimination are not issues unique to this industry.

Employers and employees all across Florida can find themselves facing a situation involving workplace discrimination, and it is crucial that both parties are prepared to protect themselves and their rights.

Discrimination claims can cause considerable damage to a company’s image and being the victim of discrimination can greatly jeopardize an employee’s career. Because of the serious impact discrimination can have on every party involved, it is important to take such allegations very seriously and work to resolve them with the support and guidance of an attorney.

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