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December 2014 Archives

Determining if a Workplace Environment is Hostile

When an employee believes his/her workplace is hostile, the employee's productivity may suffer.  A hostile work environment may also make an employee feel scared, abused, threatened or offended, and he or she may be able to file a harassment claim against the employer. Knowing what may or may not constitute as a hostile work environment can help employees and employers alike understand their rights and options.

Best Practices for Employers:

Employees play one of the most crucial roles in business and are essentially the lifeblood of all businesses, big and small. Being able to effectively manage those employees is not only critical to your business' growth and success but prudent to effective management and employee retention. Below are some notable tips to incorporate into your business regimen:

Discriminatory hiring practices and what employers should know

Hiring employees for a business is something that just about every employer must do to support their company. The process of seeking, interviewing and hiring the best candidates can be extensive, and employers often take a wide range of factors into consideration before extending an offer. 

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