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Closing the Gender Pay Gap

On Behalf of | Mar 28, 2019 | Workplace Discrimination |

Gaps in pay that are associated to gender have been around since women entered the workplace. Bridging, and eventually closing those gaps, is an ongoing process that may take several years to complete. While there may always be some differentiation between the pay for both men and women, the fact that women will remain in the workplace is bringing about positive change.

Family First

One of the biggest points of discussion concerning gender pay has to do with the notion that women are more likely to put family first. This is especially true when it comes to workplace. If a child is at home sick, it is most likely that the mom will take time off of work to be at home with them. Even though this has gradually started to change, it is still the primary thought process that women put family first in most situations.

Proving Their Worth

There are still many industries in which segregation between men and women can be found. In industries where men make up the largest portion of the workforce, women are having to work harder to prove their value and worth. The construction industry is a good example. The work is grueling and, for many years, women were excluded to due to doubts that they would be able to keep pace with the physical demands of the job. Now that women have proven their value within the industry, more and more can be found. The problem still remains, however, that their pay may not meet or exceed their male counterparts even though they have proven they meet and exceed the demands of the job.


Studies over the years have proven that diversity in the workplace is beneficial. It has also been proven that including women in the workplace is beneficial in both improving productivity/profitability and reducing the overall effects of poverty for women and families. Diversifying the workforce by including women in all levels, from laborer to upper management, is one of the best ways to maximize efficiency and maintain the highest quality of quality. When everyone is brought together and the pay scale is equal for both, the end result is a work environment that brings out the best in everyone involved.

Discrimination against women in the workplace is not a thing of the past. It still exists and women are still fighting to gain the respect and appreciation they deserve. They are also fighting for their right to be able to support their families without having to subsidize certain things even though they are working full-time. Lawyers who work primarily with employment law are able to assist these women in closing the gender pay gap and receiving the wages they deserve.