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What sexual harassment on the job might look like

Too many people think of employment disputes as black-and-white. They think there are clearly two sides: the right side and the wrong side. However, while it may seem like that to outsiders, it can be much more difficult to see a potential issue on the job clearly when you are one of the parties involved.

Financial penalties, other consequences harsh for wage violations

Properly compensating employees for the work they do is an essential responsibility for any employer in the U.S. There are numerous laws in place that dictate how workers should be compensated and if an employer is in violation of these laws, it can face some serious penalties.

The pros and cons of resolving disputes through arbitration

Employment disputes can get very ugly very quickly. In the more serious cases, there can be allegations of discrimination, harassment, wage discrepancies and other violations of state and federal employment laws. In these situations, it can be easy to assume that the matter will be resolved in a courtroom. Some people may expect this to be a sensational, highly-publicized event.

Age: It's more than just a number when it comes to employment

The job market is a difficult place right now for any person looking for a new job. Whether you are looking for your first, ideal or potentially last job, you likely expect that if you are qualified for a job or new position at your company, you will have a fair shot.

3 contractual provision that could prevent employment disputes

Forming new employment relationships is not something that people necessarily do lightly. Whether you are an employer hiring a new employee or an employee deciding to take a new job, these relationships can have a dramatic impact on a person's livelihood. For this reason, it is not unusual for there to be some sort of contract involved to protect employers and/or employees.

What to Expect If You Are Heading Into Mediation

Resolving employment disputes can be enormously frustrating and complicated for people on both sides of an argument. In many cases, employers and employees alike want to resolve the dispute in a fair way and move forward as opposed to dragging out the case and bringing it to court.  It may also be the last opportunity for the parties to have control over their outcome, rather than a judge or jury deciding their fate.

Disputes over drug use and employment can be complicated

Employers across Florida often go to great lengths to develop and enforce their workplace policies. These policies are typically set to protect the business itself from certain adverse events. They can also be important in protecting employees, as is the case with policies that prohibit discrimination and harassment.

5 actions employers can take when sexual harassment claims arise

One of the most costly mistakes employers can make when it comes to sexual harassment is to not address the situation appropriately. Regardless of whether an employer believes that there are grounds for such a claim, it is crucial to respond swiftly and thoroughly.

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